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Our Services Sized to Meet Your Demands

DPL offers a full spectrum of services designed to fit a plant owner’s sourcing strategy, infrastructure and level of expertise in the solar industry. Our Company offers the following services for the Grid-Tie, Stand-alone, Hybrid, Wind, Water Pumping and street lighting systems for Residential, Commercial and Governmental Projects.

Turnkey Solar


   – Engineering (Evaluation, Value, Survey, design, optimize).
   – Procurement.
   – Project Management.
   – Installation & construction.
   – System Commissioning & Testing.
   – Operation (Start-up and Training).



  • Supervising, Controlling and Optimizing Your Plant’s Performance in Real Time.

Performance Engineering


Increase Production and Lower Expenses to Maximize Profitability.

   – Data accuracy validation.
   – Weekly, Monthly and yearly performance engineering reviews.
   – Monthly in-depth performance analysis report.
   – Web portal with maintenance recommendations.



Minimize Downtime. Reduce Equipment Failures. Protect Asset Value.

   – Test and maintain all parts of the system periodically to maintain the station efficiency.
   – End-to-end power plant maintenance (DC and AC).
   – Spare parts, inventory, and supply chain management.
   – Maintenance scheduling with grid operators Development of plant-specific procedures.
   – Night-time scheduled maintenance for lowest production impact.



DPL can monitor system performance remotely to ensure that it is operating at its full potential. If there is a deviation in the performance, we contact the client immediately to notify them of the issue. If necessary, we will dispatch a service team to investigate and remedy the problem. DPL will coordinate visits with the site host and the system owner as needed to obtain on-site access.